Speaking with Nature



  • Imagine…. learning how to speak the forgotten language of Nature
  • Imagine…. to hear the voices of Animals, trees, Nature Spirits and many more
  • Imagine…. that you can have conversations with them and meet some of the most Iconic animals on the planet
  • Imagine…. how this will change how you see and experience the World


Join us on this ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’ where in a week time you will be learned the basics of Animal Communication / or deepened if you are already experienced.


  • Where you will meet, speak and hug with Wolves
  • Where you will meet and speak with Lynx, Moose and many more living in Polar Park
  • Where you will meet, speak, feed and ride with Reindeers
  • Where you will meet and speak with various Whales and Orca’s in their Natural habitat


And all of this under the magical Northern Lights… 

Marieke 3


This trip will be guided by not only Marieke Akgul, Shamanic Animal Communicator but she will be joined by 2 Sami Shamans, Lone Beate Ebeltoft & Jungle Svonni, who will provide Guidance, Teachings and Yoik. To give you an unforgettable holistic Northern Experience.


>Arrival in Tromsø 1

Arrival in Tromsø

Saturday 28 November 2020

Arrival at Tromsø (we can pick you up from the airport or arrange transportation to the accomodation. ) Today Is a day of settling in, sharing dinner and stories. Getting to know each other over a bonfire and if we’re lucky, seeing the Northern Lights.

>Forgotten language of Creation 2

Forgotten language of Creation

Sunday 29 November 2020

Today we will (re) introduce you to the basics of ‘Animal Communication’ with the focus on our pets. The level will be based on the level of the participants. So that also the more experienced amongst us, will still learn new skills. There will also be a beautiful Shamanic Yourney and private time to wonder around the breathtaking surroundings. At evening Lone and Jungle will share Sami and Shamanic Knowledge, bonfires if possible and Yoik and when the sky is clear, Northern Light!.

>Experience Oneness 3

Experience Oneness

Monday 30 November 2020

Tromsø is known for its Arctic wildlife, where Moose and Reindeer can just wonder by the roads. Where Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles can be spotted and in the many Fjords orca’s and various of whales can be seen at the coastline. Today we will meet and feed the Reindeer. Learn about Sami Culture, speak with the reindeer and enjoy a Reindeer sledding ride though the valley. Learn the importance of the reindeer for the Sami and how they live and work together. See the shamanic meaning of their running in a spiral and listen to their special teachings of beeing One.

>Forgotten language of Creation 4

Forgotten language of Creation

Tuesday 1 December 2020

Today we will all get more advanced in the skills of Animal Communication, Telepathy and Automatic Writing. Learning the differences between wild animals and pets and how they see the World and us differently. Together we will also do Shamanic Yourneys to meet your spirit animal and the Sacred Council of Ancient Wisdom.

>Meeting the wolves 5

Meeting the wolves

Wednesday 2 December 2020

We will get up early on our way to Polar Park. This Park is known for its Arctic Wildlife and huge enclosures. We have full cooperation to go around the Park and meet & talk with all the Animals. But there will be also a once-in-a-lifetime moment as we will enter the Wolf enclosure, home of 5 wolves. This will give us the unique possibility to hug them, connect with them and if youre ‘lucky’ even get a wolfskiss! We will go in in small groups, allowing us optimum quality time and bonding with one of World’s most unique Animal Spirits. Ofcourse there will be afterwards an opportunity to wonder some more through the park and practice your new Animal Communication Skills.

>Nature, our Guide & Teacher 6

Nature, our Guide & Teacher

Thursday 3 December 2020

Not only animals, but all thats alive, has a spirit and speaks the same Language of Creation. Today we explore a bit the different possibilities such as Trees, Plants, Stones and Nature Spirits. We will go deeper into this matter and look at this source of All Information. How are animals guiding us in our daily life, how are they our teachers. And what about the rest of Nature? Lone and Jungle will also share their vision of Nature, they will introduce you to their Nature Spirits and the specific yoiks for different species. And might we be so lucky to see the Northern Lights more then once?

>Messages from other Realms 7

Messages from other Realms

Friday 4 December 2020

Stepping on board to meet the whales. Get a unique perspective on the majestic humpback and killer whales with an underwater drone and microphone. As they feed in the herring-rich fjords of the Arctic, the silent electric ship allows us to get close without disturbing them. Connect with them energetically, speak with them and learn from them what they know of other realms and dimensions. At evening Lone and Jungle will share Sami and Shamanic Knowledge, bonfires if possible and Yoik as we close this week with a small celebration of all we learned and gained. The next morning its time for us all, to start traveling and going back home. Leaving the place more beautiful then how we found it.

Video's made in june'19 at Polar Park, to prep for the trip

One of the wolves came to say hi.

Spirit Bear responds to Lone's Yoik



There is limited space available for maximum 12 people.

Are not included as many people come from different places all over the world. To give an indication. Amsterdam or Düsseldorf has one way tickets starting from € 130,-.

Arrival & Departure Airport: Tromso Airport

We will help you with transportation from Tromso airport to Tromso Lodge & Camping and back to the Airport in Tromso when its time to leave. It might be that you have to wait a bit so you can travel together with other members of this trip. As its better for the environment and saves multiple driving.

During this trip we will stay in 1 accommodation: Tromso Lodge & Camping. As accomodation is scarce in the area, all of us will need to share bedrooms with 1 other person. If availability allows it, private bedrooms might be possible to book (extra costs) but in general we will stay in 4-person luxe cabins, one will be used also as teaching area.

All meals and beverages during the meals are included. Any other are for your own cost.

If you have allergies, if you are vegan, vegetarian or have food intollarances, please let us know while booking.

The excursions to the Polar Park, Meeting with the wolves (€ 300,- ) Tromso Reindeer Experience (€ 150,-) and Whale Watching (€ 150,-) are all included just as transport to and from these excursions. Additional a husky sledding experience can be booked on Saturday afternoon / evening. These costs are extra.

Total costs for the trip: € 1.799,- for a week incl all excursions, accommodations, transportations, meals, teachings & 24-hour guidance and all under the Northern Lights.

For this you get the Ultimate Once-in-a-lifetime experience  which will change your life for sure and send you home with a whole new world view and an amazing skillset which will benefit you for the rest of your life. Afterwards you are able to speak with your own animals and those of friends and family and even gives you the basics to make it your every day job.

In general the spoken language will be English as this is an International Event. The level of English is very basic and there is always room for extra explanation in for instance Dutch, Norwegian, German or Sami. If the entire group is Dutch, Marieke will teach her part in Dutch.

Due to safety precautions, there are strict requirements for  participation at the Wolf Visit, so please read the following information carefully before considering a Wolf Visit:

  • You are minimum 18 years old
  • You are minimum 160 cm tall
  • You have good physical health (no hurting knees or limp)
  • You are not pregnant.
  • You do not take strong hormone or blood thinning medication.
  • You do not have a disease where you experience uncontrolled seizures, e.g epilepsy.
  • You are not afraid of dogs
  • You do understand English or Norwegian well (NO translation is allowed, we must be able  to communicate with ALL participants)
  • You must be able to follow instructions and pay attention at all times to your guides
  • You must dress suitably for the weather and activity – check the weather forecast!
  • You can not wear any perfume, perfumed oil or lotion.
  • You can not  be under the influence of alcohol or medication that affects your behavior
  • You can not wear hats, gloves, headbands and anything covering the head or face, must be taken off  before we enter the wolf enclosure.
  • Dark glasses or sunglasses must be taken off as well.
  • Your outer layer  of clothing can not be made from fur, leather, down or fleece (or any animal produce)

The organisation has the right to cancel the trip if less then 8 people have signed up by 1 june 2020

If a participant wants to cancel, please contact me and im sure we can work something out.

Will you come on this adventure of a lifetime with us?..

Only 12 places available!


















video: Lain Jackson Photography