Love Frequency & Creation
Love is more than a feeling between humans, more than between us and our pets. Love is also a frequency, flowing freely from the Universe towards Earth.

During this course you will learn how to open your emotional heart and tap into this frequency of love. Experience how it feels to be connected with Nature and Create.

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Speaking with Nature
to speak the forgotten language of Nature
to hear the voices of Animals, trees, Nature Spirits and many more
that you can have conversations with them
how this will change how you see and experience the World

Feel welcome to join this 5-week online course on Zoom. In a small group of likeminded people i will teach you the basics of telepathic communicating with Nature.

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Speaking with Nature - Trip to Northern Scandinavia
COMING SOON: an amazing trip to the Mesmerizing lands of the Sami. Where you will not only meet some of the most Iconic animals of the World like the Wolf, Reindeer and whale but you will also learn how to speak with them and that all under the Northern Lights.

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