Marieke Akgul

Council of All Beings

Sacred Council of Ancient Wisdom

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Marieke Akgul

Spokesperson of the Animals

Marieke is a gifted Animal, Crystal and Gaia Communicator from Holland. Shamanism is her path and many physical and spiritual teachers from all kinds of realms and world directions are helping her, support her and she still learns from them every day. The Council of All Beings has asked her to become The Spokesperson of all Animals. A role so profound it took her a while to accept and still grows into it. Twirling Blue Star Woman is the name given to her by spirit during ceremony at Dance to Heal the Earth in which she is a dancer, connecting all that needs to be connected and releasing all that needs to be released. She loves to work with pets to support their people, in a humorous but direct way, on their path to develop themselves. She and the accompanying pets recieve great joy when the person finds their own path and strength so they can truly express themselves how their soul chooses for this lifetime.

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Council Of All Beings

The Council of All Beings is located in the Underworld. In Traditional Shamanism this is the place where Animal and Nature Spirits reside. Our world is the Middle World. Over the years i have done and led many journeys to this beautiful Council and they have given me many insights and information that i shared in my courses. Their insights in what is going on whith the World, Mother Gaia, the Universe and each individual goes beyond most of us can comprehend. For me personally a beautiful majestic black panther is my personal friend in this Council and i love his guidance. I always feel his presence at the edges of my consciousness.

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Sacred Council of Ancient Wisdom

The Sacred Council of Ancient wisdom resides also in the Underworld. Its an open place in the forest, surrounded by trees. In each tree an owl is resident. This is the Sacred Council of Ancient Wisdom. The owls who are part of this council are Guardians of Ancient and Forgotten Wisdom. '``We are connected to many planets and have many names on different planets. Here we have shapes of owls, that’s how you know us and that is good. That is our visual that we choose. And it fits, we see in the dark, showing the light in the dark and showing those connected to us what we see in the dark. Making it less spooky and scary cause there is so much beauty to see.``

Animals talk to us all the time. We just forgotten how to hear them.